David & Debbie Amsler
 Dave & Debbie Amsler run a ministry called One Way Guatemala which reaches ... more

David & Debbie Barthalow
David and Debbie Barthalow are missionaries to Kenya.

Dustin & Natalie Barthalow
Dustin & Natalie Barthalow are missionaries to Southeast Asia.  The area where ... more

Matthew & Jackie Drane
Matthew & Jackie Drane are Chi Alpha campus missionaries.

Michael & Sheila Fitzgerald
Michael & Sheila Fitzgerald are missionaries in the capital city of Reykjavik in ... more

Gary & Patty Heiney
Gary & Patty Heiney serve in Venezuela where they have engaged in church planting in ... more

Keith & Christi Jones
Keith & Christi Jones are missionaries in North Africa and the Middle East.  ... more

Jonathan & Melissa Lowrance
Jonathan & Melissa Lowrance are missionaries to Japan.

Joil & Leah Marbut
Joil & Leah Marbut currently serve as missionaries to the Shuar people in the ... more

Lloyd & Ana Maria Marsh
Lloyd & Ana Maria Marsh serve the people of Venezuela. 

Rick & Jennifer Pasquale
Rick & Jennifer Pasquale are missionaries to Italy.

Kelly & Cyndi Robinette
Kelly & Cyndi Robinette minister in northwest Cambodia.  They have planted ... more